is going to be the number one movie this weekend – there’s no doubt about that, as it has nothing serious opening against it (as much as I love The Host, it’s not even remotely a threat). But how big will it be? As always, anecdotal evidence is useless, but I know a number of women who are excited about this film, and I know that Warner Bros has been trying to hit that audience. And awareness is huge on this movie – you can’t escape it, but it doesn’t feel like it’s so omnipresent to burn everybody out before it opens.

We’re having a guessing game on our message board – click here to see – where the object is to try to figure out how much 300 will make over the weekend. Guesses stop when the Friday estimates come in tomorrow morning, but in the meantime feel free to sign up for our boards and drop your guess. We’re using Price is Right rules, where it’s the person who comes closest to the actual weekend gross without going over.

And the prize? Bragging rights, of course.

If you want to do some research, read my review right here and my exclusive phone interview with Zack Snyder here.