Today and tomorrow you’ll see plenty of headlines about Avengers 2 which, aside from long being a part of the grand Marvel unified theory of the universe, has been a foregone conclusion since the film started making hundreds of millions pre-US release, and then obliterated records big and small when it finally did hit here. Now that’s it’s going to coast past a billion (probably faster than anything before it), nothing will deter Marvel. The “news” stems from Bob Iger letting shareholders (who probably don’t read every interview Feige grants to a film site that the rest of us do) know that yes, they’ll be making more pictures with the green man and the iron fellow that will make them all money one day.

More interestingly this coincides (in absolutely no relevant way, save for timing) with word that Universal is finally putting a Kick Ass 2 into motion. Matthew Vaughn maintained control of the cheap, minor hit after working with Lionsgate, and he’ll be handing control to writer/director Jeff Wadlow (Cry_Wolf) if Universal indeed buys it. Supposedly the deal will soon be made, though it’s not set in stone. Stars Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, and Chris Mintz-Plasse are all expected to return, though I would expect Moretz is going to be the hardest to wrangle, what with her quickly becoming a superstar and all.

I assume the film will follow the comics to some degree, which Millar and Romita Jr. wrote about the main character joining a group of superheros that developed after street-patrolling heroes become the norm due to the events of the first story. While Hit Girl struggles with her dual-identity, Kick Ass grows to be a better hero and prepares for the return of The Red Mist (who is assembling his own team via Twitter), falls in love, and does other teenager stuff.

Vaughn has proven himself rather deft at weaving superhero films together, and I always found his control of the Kick Ass story more interesting than the story itself. I wonder if this sequel will be worthwhile with all of the variables tossed up and reshuffled.

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Source | Deadline, THR