It hurts to be Sean Bean’s character in a movie or television show most of the time. His presence nearly assures that one character at least is going to be hauling ass down the River Styx before the credits roll. It’s actually a great thing for the actor since deaths are typically the most memorable ways for an actor to stick out. How many auditions feature a wannabe doing their best death scene to get a role?

I mean, look what it did for Bud Dwyer*!

Sean Bean just signed for a trilogy of movies where he’s the star! It’s nearly impossible for him to die in at least two films! The Devil’s Peak and its sequels 13 Hours and 7 Days have been optioned as films to shoot in the ancient warmth of South Africa and with Bean playing detective Benny Griessel it appears the classy and enduring actor will have a nice chip for his already fantastic resume [seriously, watch the ‘Sharpe’ series for some greatness].

The films are based on books by South African author Deon Meyer and feature the hunt for a toughass killer. The producer says “I believe that Deon Meyer will do for the South African thriller what Stieg Larsson did for the Scandinavian crime novel.” I say good luck with that, bloke!

Either way, good for Bean. He’s the best bean ever.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


* Better yet don’t