We’ve been excitedly covering Ben Affleck’s next thriller Argo for some time, going so far as to keep track of the debut of his 70s beard. A film about¬† a CIA ‘exfiltration’ specialist who concocts a plan to use a fake movie production to extract 6 hostages during the Iranian crisis, the story is just too good to pass up, and we’re at a point with Affleck where we’re simply waiting to see how long it takes for him to become a truly great director (he’s already very, very good). Maybe this will be it?

I am curious about the odd tone this trailer strikes, as it’s got this gooey center where it almost goes all Dark Shadows on us with the 70s bassline montage, along with the quirky Hollywood types, and Hollywood jokes. Bookending that upbeat segment are deadly serious looks at the experience of the hostages, and the do-or-die mission itself. I wonder how that division will shake out in the actual film.

Argo is set for release on September 14th.

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