The rating on Prometheus has been as much of a controversy as it has been for The Expendables 2 (Yes, I will take every opportunity I can to talk about my other most anticipated movie of the summer.)

I and every other film fan have been anticipating an R-rating for it. Just last week, I posted an audio clip here that I said all but sealed the deal on it being an R film. There was still talk about it being cut down to a PG-13 that Tom Rothman debunked since he was saying he would not compromise Ridley’s vision, and that he would go with whatever product Ridley would make.

Fox is now confirming that it is RATED R “for sci-fi violence, including some intense images, and brief language.”

“Sci-fi violence.” I’m loving that. Bring on the body horror, Ridley! We’re all waiting for it come June 8th. IN 3D!

source: cinema blend