No, no one from the 1967 classic has landed a role in Machete Kills!.  How awesome would it be though if Danny Trejo drug around a Django-esque coffin containing the re-animated corpse of a racial slur-busting Spencer Tracy?  If only CHUD ran the movies…

We’ve had some fairly extensive coverage of the next entry in Robert Rodriguez’s proposed trilogy of Mexploitation action flicks…most of it coming from the legendary M. Rangel, current ruler of Shadaloo and heir apparent to Pax Bisonica*.  Danny Trejo is obviously returning in the title role, with Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez also reprising their roles from the original.  Sex machine Tom Savini is also rumored to make a repeat appearance.  Newbies include Mel Gibson and Sofia Vergara, as “Luther Voz” (villain) and “Madam Desdemona” (whore commander) respectively.

We now have two more names to add to the roster:  Amber Heard and Demian Bichir**.  The former will be portraying assassin “Miss San Antonio”.  The Academy Award-nominated latter will supposedly be the film’s other baddie, “Mendez”.  Shooting begins next month and considering how packed the first one was, I suspect many more casting announcements are forthcoming.  Here’s a little plot refresher…

Machete Kills! finds out titular character (recruited by the U.S. government, naturally) battling his way through Mexico to take down cartel leader Mendez the Madman (Bichir) and billionaire arms dealer Luther Voz (Gibson), who plan to start World War 3 with a space-based mega-weapon.

Sounds like fun!  Rodriguez has previously promised that he will shoot a teaser for the third (and final?) entry and play it at the end of the film.  The title of this trilogy capper?  Machete Kills Again…in Space!.  Trejo will be wielding a lightsaber-esque machete in it, of course.  No, I’m not joking.  You’re welcome, America!


Source |  Latino Review

* -“For you, the day Rangel graced your site was the most important day of your life. But for him, it was Tuesday!”.  He’s also a contributing writer for CHUD, when he’s not too busy brainwashing his supersoldier army with viewings of Cruising, Disorderlies, and Doctor Detroit.

** – Bichir has also been cast as an Israeli operative in William Friedkin’s next thriller, Trapped, which should shoot early in early 2013.