Udated at the bottom!

Alert reader Tony Cigarette Burns sends this message:


Thanks to the powers of YouTube, some extended trailer of 300 has made its way onto the net:


Now I know what you’re saying, who cares, right? Scroll to 1:52 into the trailer for this beauty:

Well that’s certainly Rorschach from Watchmen, Zack Snyder’s next scheduled project. But is this for real? The uncut trailer is – it’s essentially what was shown at Comic Con in 2006, the footage that got everyone so hyped. The person who put it on YouTube claims to have gotten it from someone on the 300 street team, and some poking around has revealed that it’s quite possible that a DVD with this footage was given out at Wonder Con last weekend. The footage was uploaded to YouTube BEFORE Wonder Con, so that couldn’t be where it came from specifically, but that doesn’t mean the street team didn’t get this in the mail early as a thank you.

So while the main body of the trailer is authentic, and not just something someone cobbled together from other 300 trailers, I can’t vouch for whether that Rorschach was put there as a fun hint from Zack Snyder – and it wouldn’t be beyond him to do that, I feel – or if some guy with too much time on his hands inserted it himself. I tried to find Watchmen fan films where that image might have come from, but no luck so far.

We’ll keep probing to see if this is a real thing or an elaborate (and kind of cool) hoax.

UPDATED! This email just arrived in my inbox, with what sounds like confirmation of the reality of this:

I got my copy of this 300 trailer on DVD from Streetwise, a company based out of LA, whom I’ve been doing street marketing for well over 6 years. And indeed, that shot is on my DVD if gone through frame by frame.  Gotta  love Snyder.