Possibly realizing there is an expiration date on his career as a convincing action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger is not pacing his return to action cinema like someone in their mid-60s. Obviously The Expendables will be a big one for him (still chuckling over that Smart Car door gag), and he’s got up to three smaller action/thriller type flicks coming out or shooting this year; The Last Stand, Black Sands, and The Tomb. Now we’ve gotten the announcement that he’ll lead Ten, a film about corrupt DEA agents from the master of corrupt law enforcement cinema, David Ayers.

Here’s the synopsis of the Skip Woods-written film:

In ‘Ten’, an elite DEA task force deals with the world’s deadliest drug cartels. Specializing in complex mobile operations, the team executes a tactical raid on a cartel safe house. What looks to be a typical raid turns out to be an elaborate theft operation, pre-planned by the DEA squad. After hiding millions in stolen cash, the team believes their secret is safe – until someone begins assassinating them one by one.

Woods is responsible for a ton of action movie screenplays that will either piss you off or leave you nonplussed. Stuff like Swordfish and A-Team along with shit like Wolverine and the upcoming Die Hard 5. Ayers of course wrote Training Day and the original Fast OneThe Fast and the Furious, rather — and he was behind the camera as well as the page for Harsh Times and Street Kings.

This is a deal already in place, so you can go ahead and clear space in your vintage beefcake calendar for this one. How many more can Arnold pack in, I wonder, before he’ll have to start playing more character that die from old age rather than gunfire…

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