[Up here we’ve got the new NSFW red-band trailer for The Dictator, while down below you’ll find Tim commenting on the latest full trailer (which many folks saw in front of The Avengers. Finally, down way way below is the Cohen/Scorsese SNL appearance, which… damn. –Renn]

I’m a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen. I remember seeing him pop up in Madonna’s Music video thinking his was a schtick I wanted no part of. It wasn’t until I caught Da Ali G Show episode where he tries to get to contrasting religious leaders to bone (in hopes of mending ideological fences) that I finally got hip to Cohen’s brilliance. I loved both┬áBorat and Bruno because the act works best when Cohen and his audience are the only ones in the know.

Which is why May 16th’s The Dictator represents a big departure for Cohen. He’s done straight-scripted work before (Hugo, Sweeney Todd, even Ali G), but this is the first time he’s doing it with an original character in front of an international audience. Like my first experiences with Ali G, I didn’t catch on to what The Dictator was aiming for in that first trailer – which seemed disproportionately one-note. But I’m glad I didn’t dismiss the film outright, because the trailer I watched in front of Avengers (included below)┬áthis weekend was classic Cohen hilarity. Hopefully the film follows suit:

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