I Am in Love With A Car.   

I don’t get all silly and hot and bothered about cars. Until now.

concept for the Jeep Renegade is one of the most arousing twists of
steel I’ve even seen, somehow managing to capture a futuristic vibe yet
convey the fun and games charms of a dune buggy by way of a Halo
Warthog mixed with a little John Deere sentiment along the way.

Check out this lil’ pumpkin:

My cars through history:

1984 Honda Accord Hatchback – Red
1987 Honda Civic – Maroon
1995 Mitsubishi Mirage – Blue
1997 Chevy Blazer – Red
1999 Nissan Maxima – Green
2005 Chevy HHR – Orange

with all the amazing and lewd memories associated with them, they
cannot compete with this new luscious little Jeep. I want to spoon with
it. I want to caress it in the night. If I had one, I’d sneak out of
bed, go downstairs and fondle its parts in the darkness. The only
sounds will be crickets and my heavy breathing. We will make sweet
magic, this Jeep and I.

Oh yeah… it also gets 110 miles per gallon, so put that in your pipe.

- Nick Nunziata would drive this all over town, through the woods, across the sea, and beneath the world.

I go, here’s the latest thing I’m adding to the blog. Each day I blog I’ll
have a song, a piece of artwork, a photo, a Mary Worth, or something to
further justify your click and to give the trolls a little more ammo.
Today, another Art Jam, this time two giant pages pushed together. WAR!

Art by Andrea Rothe & Nick Nunziata