today’s theme of developing stories we first reported on a few weeks back,
Woody Allen spoke to the Spanish press this week about his upcoming untitled romantic
drama set there and he mentioned that he’d like to add to the already cast
Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz with his favorite muse as of late, Scarlett
Johansson. Now that the script is completed, he has a particular role in mind
for her and he is, in fact, already auditioning for the English-speaking parts
in the film.

You can’t
blame the guy for going to this well once again. Scarlett works well with his
sensibilities, and he seems to giver her roles that play with her sexiness a
bit and get underneath her skin. Apparently, Woody already has a start date of
June in mind, so availability may be an issue. We’ll see. Woody also mentioned Rebecca Hall, who you may remember as Christian Bale’s lady in The Prestige.

In another esteemed
Allen tradition, he’s hired a great foreign cinematographer for the film.
Javier Aguirresarobe (take that, Spell Check!) just signed on, and among his
recent works are The Others, The Sea Inside, and Talk
To Her