On Monday, I had the honor of passing along the news that (A) Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has sights set on a G.I. Joe flick and that (B) he wouldn’t mind having Mark Wahlberg on board.

Today, Latino Review ran an exclusive interview with the producer in which he spilled a few more Joe-y details, including the writer (Skip Woods, who added to the Die Hard 4 pot and to Swordfish) and the basic direction, which di Bonaventura describes as a "buddy movie between Duke and Alex." The second guy in that sentence is Alex Mann of the slightly less famous (in the US) toy line Action Man. That’s right — G.I. Joe won’t just be a movie about the Joes. In fact, it might not even be called G.I. Joe.

Says di Bonaventura about the title: All the characters will be in there and it’ll be really fun, but unfortunately our president has put us into a position internationally where it would be very difficult to release a movie called ‘G.I. Joe’ internationally.

That’s right. If this movie arrives with a different title, it’s the President’s fault. Maybe you should have voted last time.

Check out Latino Review for the full interview, including a couple comments about Cobra.