You can probably expect better production values than the last performance you saw at the Milton Program For The Arts Community Theatre show...

There are few stories that seem to exist in both the theatre and film spheres with equal cache, but Little Shop of Horrors is definitely one of them. Consideirng its botanical antagonist, it’s appropriate that Little Shop has become a perennial presence since the 1960 cult film was many times remade- once as a hit off-Broadway show, and then again as a film in 1986, and then again as a Broadway revival in the 2000s. Imagine the old “who goes first?” game of running your hands up the bat? Well it’s film’s turn to place a hand on top…

The driving force behind this iteration is acting, singing, dancing, badassing extraordinaire Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who hopes to hop into the role of Seymour and is in talks with Warner Brothers to do so. The creative team includes producers and writers of such hits as Glee, Wicked, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, and even last year’s much beloved Drive.

There’s no word on if this is set in stone, but with JGL in everyone’s good graces and those theatrical-powerhouse names behind the script, I would fully expect this to take off. I’d also expect it to be rather successful! Any call of “bullshit” on this particular remake is barking up an odd tree. While Hollywood’s remakes rarely take on the spirit of a theatrical restaging, this is one of those rare cases where a show has simply become a living, breathing thing that’s grown beyond existing as any one single version.

JGL’s simply pruning the leaves, tending the plant of something that would continue to grow even without him. And when you really think about it- who’s better for the job?

That said, there are lots of other roles to fill. Got any ideas?

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Source | LA Times