We’re all going to be paying quite a bit of attention to whatever Brad Bird does to follow up his highly successful live-action debut with Mission: Impossible 4, and it looks like we have an idea what that next project will be. While it doesn’t look to be 1906 — the ‘frisco earthquake project he’s long dreamed of doing — but instead it will be directing a Damon Lindelof script that also bears a 20th century AD year as its title: 1952.

Instead of dealing with a natural disaster, this could very well be a return to Bird’s interstellar wheelhouse (Iron Giant being his first film) as the Lindelof script was specifically commissioned as a Scifi project for Disney, and the year 1952 can be marked as the year our government began taking UFO sightings seriously. While there’s literally only circumstantial evidence to go by that the film is connected to the topic, if 1952 is indeed a UFO-related film, it could be backdropped by the creation of Project Blue Book, which had nothing to do with used cars but was instead a 17-year series of studies by the USAF to gauge what validity there was to reported UFO sighting, and if the US should be prepared for outer space threats. The name is carried today by a popular site devoted to collecting such research.

The 1952 connection was pointed out by Ryan Stewart (who I often have lively twitter discussions/debates about film tech and other fun topics) while /Film brought my attention to the announcement.

So we could be seeing Lindelof’s own personal Super 8 brought to the screen by Brad Bird, or perhaps the title refers to something else entirely. Got any theories or speculation of your own?

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Source | Deadline