Ole’ Nunz’ impassioned rant against the upcoming CG/live action hybrid Alvin & The Chipmunks movie a few weeks back, I chuckled and then promptly readied myself to repress all memory about this latest mistake from Tim Hill, esteemed director the second Garfield movie. But I knew that one crucial piece was missing from this modern-day Lament Configuration: Which foolish, non-discerning young-ish actor looking to make payments on a second home would they throw into this maelstrom to play the Chipmunks’ human caretaker, Dave? Only with his arrival would the cycle of evil be complete.

Well, today’s a good day to be a demon, because Jason Lee stepped up to fill the void. With him in tow, this harbinger of doom speeds to a start date at the end of this month so that they can make the release date of Christmas this year. The only thing that blunts my unpleasant surprise is that Lee’s already attached to voice the computer-animated Underdog, so maybe these are all steps to add a second life to his career beyond My Name is Earl as some sort of dependable family movie guy. Is that really more honorable than the likeliest explanation of him having some free time and Fox Animation dangling a big paycheck for a pretty easy gig? Dunno.

I do feel, however, that the owners of this property missed a crucial window a few years back when Alvin & The Chipmunks were actually the sound of hip-hop and the likes of Kanye West and Just Blaze peppered every hit with high-pitched sample vocals. There was a real chance for some synergy and vital street cred to be gained. Now it’s gone. A Jim Jones/Camron/Dipset main theme prouced by Kanye might have been this film’s only hope of ever being interesting. I can still dream….