As I shopped with my son this morning looking for things for him to eat that wouldn’t aggravate his already tumultuous digestive system I came across some toys from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man that probably weren’t supposed to see shelves yet. Partially because the movie’s not out and partially because they totally give away the design for the film’s baddie: The Lizard. Now, we’ve seen him showing up more and more lately so it’s not as if he’s some big surprise but this has been a case where it may have been better to keep the design under wraps.

Because it’s boring. I snapped a few pictures for you so you’re able to be bored too!

It reminds me of an X-Files villain. Which isn’t a compliment, because while that show was fantastic and filled with dozens of cool designs it wasn’t a gigantic summer movie fueled by a hundred million dollars of marketing.