Apparently the quickest way to get a comedy made is to pitch a comedian doing the thing he’s most afraid of, and in this case Nick Frost’s aversion to cutting rugs has led to the quick development of Cuban Fury.

A romantic-comedy that will star Frost, Chris O’Dowd, Rashida Jones, and Olivia Coleman, Cuban Fury is the tale of a schlubby guy who gets his life back in order when he gets back into Salsa dancing to impress the girl of his dreams. Like Casa De Mi Padre — Will Ferrell’s unwinking spanish-language epic — this film will feature very straight-faced and well-trained-for Salsa dancing to live up to its premise, according to Frost.

“I quickly realised that if you parodied salsa in any way, you’d probably be opened up by a bunch of angry Cubans. This is a romantic-comedy, but with with fantastic, real dancing. We’re going to go down the Strictly Ballroom route. The dancing will be fiery and passionate and beautiful to watch, with me and Chris O’Dowd pratting about when we’re not dancing.”

As you can see, while Frost will be (quite understandably) questing to win the heart of Rashida Jones, he’ll have an Irish asshole in his way, played by the exaggeratedly sweet love-interest of Bridesmaids, Chris O’Dowd.

Apparently the development of this film has been relatively fast-paced, making me wonder if the popularity of things (read: dogshit) like Glee and Dancing With The Stars makes the producers think this U.K. flick could successfully crossover. I think it’s quite possible myself. And while the Blood & Ice Cream trilogy alum aren’t immune from making shitty rom-coms, I’ll watch Frost Salsa dance with a straight face.

Think this will be a good time, or a toothless, bland rom-com that happens to star a good comedian?

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Source | Variety, Empire