Shortly after the passing of Steve Jobs last year, a long-lost interview with the man was recovered, cleaned up, and released briefly into Landmark theaters. The interview is with Jobs after he’d been pushed out of Apple, but after he’d built NeXT into a viable company (that would soon after be bought by Apple and return Jobs to the top). Reportedly a perfectly-timed look at the man at his most confident, independent, and forward-thinking, Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview has been picked up by Magnolia Pictures, who has plans to get the interview out there in a new multi-platform release.

You’ll have your choice of venue for watching Jobs wax poetic about his career, himself, and our future as a species, as Magnolia plans to return the doc to theaters on May 11th, and then follow up with a DVD sale and VOD release in a few months. Here’s the quick trailer they put together.

The “Film” is 70 minutes long, and is the full interview conducted with Jobs for a TV special that merely used a few small clips. It will precede two Jobs-focused projects that are in development, both narrative features, from Sony and some company you’ve never heard of and doesn’t make movies. The latter had the flashy casting of Ashton Kutcher lend it some notoriety, though that will dry up considerably when everyone figures out that he’s not in the real movie that Sony is developing.

As interesting as either film could be, nobody will do Jobs justice better than himself.

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 Source | The Wrap (via /Film)