giant Alex Riviello at our si(ni)ster site, Creature Corner, has scored the scoop of the millennium. At least it is to me – Alex has uncovered the fact that there is a Street Trash 2 in the planning. And even bigger than that, original director Jimmy Muro is coming back to make it.

First things first – Street Trash is one of the great 80s horror comedies. When I compare it to Evil Dead 2 and Dead Alive, I’m not just offering points of reference – Street Trash is easily just as good as those two enshrined classics. It’s just been moderately unknown, something recently rectified by an amazing two-disc set by Synapse Films (click here to buy it now). Hell, Street Trash is one of the CHUD Essentials (click here to read the entry), so you know it’s quality. For the love of God, it has bums playing keep away with a severed penis.

Muro’s work on Street Trash is nothing short of incredible. It’s a low budget movie, but he manages to show an amazing visual gift. After Street Trash he put that gift in the service of other directors, becoming a much in demand camera operator, but I honestly believe that if he had stuck with directing we’d be talking about Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson and Jimmy Muro all in the same breath.

Muro also distanced himself from the raucously immoral Street Trash because he became a Born Again Christian – in fact, he barely cooperated with the new DVD and the excellent documentary that writer and producer Roy Frumkes put together, The Meltdown Memories. But I guess something got him interested (DVD sales figures, perhaps?) and now Muro is back in the game, looking to direct Street Trash 2.

The movie is still very much in infancy, as Frumkes and Muro are talking to foreign investors about getting it off the ground, but they already have big plans. For one thing, Frunkes wants to make Street Trash 2 not just an unPC romp, he wants to take the time to actually say something in the film. But don’t think they’re going to make Pursuit of Happyness with melting bums – I ran into Frumkes at an Imax screening of 300 on Monday and he told me that he and Muro talked about how a lot of movies in the last 20 years had been going for the same kind of gonzo, insane vibe they had, and that they wanted to reset the bar.

Alex got on the phone with Frumkes last night – click here to read the interview and get all the details that exist so far. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Street Trash, you need to see it NOW. And if you have, I know you’re just as excited about this as I am.