The viral marketing for Prometheus has continued to be the most impressive viral marketing of the year, and today there was an audio puzzle that as the source article says, sounds like something from Event Horizon*, and that’s not too far off, however, this humble writer thinks it reminds him of something out of Leviathan**, since once you listen to the unscrambled audio, it sounds like it comes from a scene involving that disturbing looking EEL-like creature they encounter in the ampule chamber. If you haven’t seen Leviathan, there’s a scene towards the end involving an EEL-like appendage from one of the amphibious mutations that gets severed and left inside the complex to prowl and kill poor De Jesus.

Listen to it and still try to imagine this film as a PG-13 affair. It’s going to be R-rated all the way.

The scrambled audio.

The unscrambled audio.

*I just revisited my dvd of Event Horizon this weekend, and it’s still a really effective piece of sci-fi/horror filmmaking. I still remember seeing it in the theater back in 1997 and being creeped out by it. Really wish the uncut version existed.

**Leviathan is a masterpiece. If you haven’t seen it, see it. Peter Weller and Ernie Hudson implore you! Also a mutating Daniel Stern and wise Richard Crenna!

source: bloody-disgusting