Of all of the guys to play James Bond, Pierce Brosnan is the one who seems to have taken his post-Bond career the most seriously. He’s been happily tweaking the suave Bond image in films like The Matador (which he also produced), and now he’ll be doing even more damage as one of the stars of the movie version of the super hit stage musical, Mamma Mia!, which will arrives in theaters courtesy of Universal.

The story is that of a bride-to-be who wants her father to give her away at her wedding, only she doesn’t know who he is. Her mother won’t disclose the identity, so the prospective bride searches her mom’s diary and finds three possible dads, all of whom she invites to the wedding behind her mother’s back. Hilarity may ensue. It’s based on ABBA songs, so you’ll be hearing a whole lot of Swede pop to boot.

Brosnan would be the guy who seems most likely to be the dad. Meryl Streep has already been cast as the mom, and the bride is to be played by Amanda Seyfried, the saucer-eyed young cutie from Mean Girls and HBO’s Big Love. I’m looking forward to it, but only because I’m trying to steal ideas for my own romantic comedy musical I’m writing based on the music of Motorhead. Killed By Death. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve seen it.