If you want to get a taste of the (pretty straightforward) action you should expect In Men In Black 3, take a look a this clip below. You’ll also get to see their Entity bikes in operation, again recalling Mr. Garrison’s double-penetration segue of the future. I’m seeing a lot of new articles about that very connection today when I already felt like myself and every other blogger mentioned it when the bikes were first revealed in the trailer. Oh well, now they’re featured marketing!

There’s also a chance for you to see Jay and Kay begin to work through some issues right before they have to gat some aliens into oblivion. Clearly the Men In Black are still not a “set phasers to stun” kind of agency, though to be fair, the very first film similarly exploded an alien in the first scene.

Finally, it might be worth mentioning that the film does have some viral efforts on, though they might be a bit… synergistic for most Chewer’s tastes. You see, a video blogging kid called BugEyes has been investigating the existence of actual men in black suits, and apparently that instigation demands frequent and delicious visits to tasty Baskin Robbins®.

I dunno, might be a good intro ARG campaign for your kid or whatever, especially if you’re secretly hankering for a trip to get ice cream later.

Of course, the best look at MIB3 that we’ve seen so far is yesterday’s release of a giant batch of photos including Rick Baker’s awesome creature designs for the film. Definitely take a look at that if you haven’t already.

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