If you’re going to do a horror film, you couldn’t do much better than basing it in the dank and foggy streets of 18th century London. Or John Travolta’s aging underpants. Thankfully, director Larry Fessenden chose the former with his upcoming horror, I Sell the Dead.

Still, if there’s one thing stock about any dark film shooting in that time period, it’s the cast of interesting (some may say, unattractive?) looking characters that populate them. I Sell the Dead isn’t selling that trend short, heaping its casting with "interesting looking characters" and the thesps who love to play them, including hobbit-folk, Perlman and lurchy old men who throw spikey glass balls at peoples foreheads. Dominic Monaghan, twinkle-toed pipeweed toker turned bitch-riding Witch King stabber Merry in Lord of the Rings, is one of the headliners in a tale about corpses and the guys who trade them for nefarious doctors. Monaghan will play (along with director Larry Fessenden) one of two gravediggers.

The pedigree continues with fan faves and authorative voices to spare. Ron Perlman will play a priest who Monaghan’s character goes to get things off his chest, while Angus Scrimm reprises his bony creepy tall guy role as an unsavory doctor.

Filming starts in May and there’s even a website for you to keep up with all the happenings.