It’s not often a trailer creates a warm, satisfying experience that makes you feel like you’ve already seen something impressive without having the whole movie spelled out for you, but this look at Beasts of the Southern Wild does just that. One of the most raved-about movies at this year’s Sundance, it looks to be a poetic, visually interesting trip alongside a little girl with a big imagination and journey of self-discovery to take on. It most evokes Where The Wild Things Are, but has a more gritty and immediate poetry to it. The little girl Quvenzhan√© Wallis appears to be a powerfully captivating lead as well.

Click to see it in HD at Apple.

Gorgeous, no? Fox Searchlight is a great studio for this kind of film, even if its July 27th date is a little early in the year to push it into serious awards contention. But fuck accolades, I’m just excited I have such a well-regarded interesting flick to look forward to.

Here’s the official site if you’d like to keep up with it.

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