So it turns out Robert Downey Jr. was telling the truth!

We’ve known for a while that the cast of Avengers was meeting up after the premiere to shoot one final scene together, of course the natural assumption would be that whatever was being added was going to be featured after┬áthe credits.

That now appears to be the case, as a Super Hero Hype message board poster appears to have blown the lid off the whole thing (spoilers after the link). Having seen the film, I can say it sounds legit – and would fit as the payoff to an in-joke in the film, but nothing more substantial.

Fact is, Avengers already has a scene sewn into the end credits. And it’s a very satisfying tease for what’s to follow for Marvel. This new scene is gravy, but trust me when I say that the one that’s already in there is much, much cooler.