Director Sean Byrne’s The Loved Ones is an old film, having been released internationally back in 2009. I couldn’t even tell you who was president back then or whether toilet paper had been invented yet. But, like a time capsule rising up from the Earth, Paramount Pictures is bringing the film to the states in June.

This trailer is awesome by the way. I like the premise of kidnapping your prom date, and John Brumpton is in uber-creepster mode as the father. I can’t imagine you can stretch this premise very far (run-time is 84 minutes), but I like what I’m seeing. Would love to know if some of you international Chewers have seen this. Synopsis after the trailer:

“Lola Stone asked Brent Mitchell to the prom, but Brent said no, and now he’s screwed. What happens when Lola doesn’t get what she wants? She enlists Daddy’s help to throw a prom of her own, where she is queen and Brent is king – whether he likes it or not. The Loved Ones is what happens when puppy love goes horribly, violently wrong. Brent should have said yes…”

Source: itunes via Coming Soon