I like trailers like this, that boil a film down to one scene that does a fantastic job of representing the hole. Whole! I mean whole.

In any event, I haven’t seen the film, but all who did at Fantastic Fest emphasize that this trailer represents only the shallowest depths of the film’s depravity. It’s still decidedly NSFW, so take a look if uncomfortable Danish sex isn’t verboten in your work environment.

The film is already targeted for an American remake that will star Danny McBride, which seems perfect, even if still likely unnecessary. Todd Phillips is behind that remake, by the way. I’m not sure he does particularly well with actual raunchy subversion so much as uncomfortably borderline psychopathy disguised as high-five-worthy antics, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s kind of a match made in Frat heaven, all things considered.

While this film hits a few theaters (NY, LA, and Austin) on July 27th, it will be available to the rest of us as well on VOD. I’d expect the FF twitter feed would be a good place to get more info on the flick.

Think you’ll be diving in with the rest of the depraved?

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From Fantastic Fest’s Blog:

Mikkel Nøgaard’s KLOWN has been hailed as “raunchy, fearless and awesome!” (Eric Kohn, indieWIRE).  Based on a popular six-season television show by the same name, KLOWN is an uproarious comedy that follows two wildly inappropriate friends as they run amok through the Danish countryside plowing through social taboos and unspeakable debaucheries.

“No boundary is too taboo for this incredibly funny and utterly fearless film,” says Drafthouse Films’ Director of Acquisitions Evan Husney, “and for that reason Mikkel Nørgaard’s film is a perfect fit in our roster of incredibly unique and provocative works. KLOWN is soon to become a household name amongst comedy fans across the country.”

KLOWN follows two friends, Frank and Casper, as they embark on a canoe trip that thinly veils their true intentions of a weekend of debauchery.  When Frank discovers his girlfriend is pregnant and having doubts about his ability to be a father, Frank “kidnaps” her 12-year-old nephew and brings him along for the ride.  Despite their new impressionable travel companion, Frank and Casper make no changes to their original raunchy itinerary.  What follows is a hilarious series of misadventures.