Okay, we’re all going to be making plenty of Speed jokes about this movie, but I’ll clear up right away that (as far as I know) there isn’t actually a bomb in the piano in this new Elijah Woods movie, Grand Piano. Instead the film follows a lily-livered master Pianist returning to public performance after five years of stage fright. Right before his concert begins, he notices a note scribbled on his sheet music that threatens the life of his wife unless he sits down and lays out his best performance ever. There’s no extra detail on how this will be an actual movie.

If this sounds like an awfully contained concept that pushes even Phone Booth for hilariously centralized action, note that it comes from the producers of Buried- another one trick, one location pony.

Twenty buck says the wife scribbled the note down as a joke before the concert.

Frankly, I’m skeptical of any “indie” thriller starring Elijah Woods, as “indie” can often be code for “Direct-To-Video” (in the pre on-demand sense). I’ve seen The Oxford Murders- I don’t need shit like that in my life again.

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Source | Dark Horizons