Frankly, I couldn’t give less of a shit about most of the heroes in The Expendables or their histories as churner-outers of B-action fodder. The endless Segal flicks and JCVDTV films are just not something that have been a part of my world, and Norris was never not an ironic figure for me. All that said, I’m well on record of being an acolyte of Terry Crews though, and shit like this is exactly why. Watch him literally blow up and shout at the recent annoying concept of trailers for trailers…

I’m not sure how much screentime Crews will wrestle from the other cast-members in this Expendables sequel (I suspect not enough), but at least they’re bright enough to see what an awesome marketing force he can be. I want more things like this. I want Crews on Leno, biting off Jay’s Chin. I want Crews at a Vegas casino implosion ceremony kicking aside the dynamite plunger and tearing the structure down with his bare hands. I want Euro Training! I want all the bullshit from the Chuck Norris to be actually demonstrated by the only man on this planet worth doing them.

Crews 4 Life.

Oh yeah, and apparently we can look forward to a full Expendables trailer tomorrow. If it’s anything like the one I saw in theaters last week, it’s essentially the dozen character posters in motion with some explosions. All I’m saying is don’t plan your whole day around it.

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