Look, if you want the most up-to-date in celebrity news then twitter is definitely your jam. However, if you’re looking for the most cutting-edge updates of vague, optimistic Riddick updates buttressed by glowing, soft focus photos of Vin Diesel being sweet and/or badass-  then you need to get on Vin’s Facebook page but quick.

I've never seen a Facebook page that missed being on MySpace this much.

For example, the latest update brings us the news that it’s going to be at least January 2013 before the film can be squeezed into theaters, much to Vin’s chagrin (band name!)…

“The studio said the earliest they could release the new ‘Riddick’ is in January… was hoping for 2012… but, it’s on the horizon. P.s. I think they are liking what they are seeing… haha, cause they asked when both Underverse and Furya would be ready to make and release… haha… now that’s a ways in the future but it is exciting.”

Of there we also see mention of two sequels that apparently the studio is interested in, if you put lots of stock in what equates to Diesel’s own personal echo chamber.

I’m wet already.

That said, ladies and gents, I wouldn’t hold my breath for an immediate greenlight of those two until we’ve seen a good bit more from this supposed return to Pitch Black-form, and if that registers with the public anymore. I am crossing my fingers, if only for Twohy’s sake- dude doesn’t have Twohy Fast Twohy Furious on his resume to get the sweet gigs like Diesel.

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