the first two clips from Decoys: The Second Seduction.

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Decoys: The Second Seduction is on DVD today (buy it here from CHUD!)! To celebrate the release of the latest film in the best Canadian sexy alien killer franchise, we have two new exclusive clips from the movie. They’re both technically safe for work, but the first one is a little bit saucy. Be warned!

Clip 1: In which Decoys: The Second Seduction presciently parodies the opening scene of David Fincher’s Zodiac.

Watch Clip 1 in Quicktime!

Clip 2: In which the alien babes discuss why they need to seduce Earthmen. The answer is not “To get closer to your collection of Star Wars memorabilia.”

Watch Clip 2 in Quicktime!

My Kim Poirier interview is still coming, and as soon as I work out the kinks we’ll have a Decoys: The Second Seduction flip book for you as well!