Here’s the sitch, folks: If you’re like me, and Modern Warfare 1‘s (still fantastic) single player was the thing that reeled you in to the series to begin with, watching the series reward your attention with increasingly loud, obnoxious, unfocused, rambling lip-service has undoubtedly soured you on it several times over by now. Alternately, if you’re in it for the multiplayer, you probably don’t even realize there’s a single player campaign, as long as you get to shank and teabag the asshole who broke your 20+ killstreak with a Martyrdom 5 minutes ago.

As such, this trailer for Black Ops 2 might as well not exist. You already know if Call of Duty is still relevant to your interests.

Now, having said that, while the campaign itself was still terribly uneven, one could at least tip the hat to the original Black Ops for at least trying something different, going for a cool 1960s conspiracy theorist, Manchurian Candidate vibe that at least carried me about halfway through on sheer curiosity alone. Well, that plus Gary Oldman and Ed Harris bringing their usual A-game.

This trailer for Black Ops 2, on the other hand, is promising something a bit further off the leash. Dual timeline storytelling. Futureweapons. Tank mechs. Ground fighting in Los Angeles. Secret wars in Central America. HORSES. All while continuing the same hyperreal Cold War paranoia that gave a nice little jolt to Black Ops 1‘s story long after the gameplay became grating.

Could be sweet. Could be more pseudo-Michael Bay military wankery. The Hans-Zimmer-Beaten-To-Death-By-Skrillex in the trailer doesn’t help.

But you already know if you’re buying it or not.

Here ya go.