There was a collective wincing from us all when Guillermo Del Toro got so very close to personal Oscar glory with the awards that Pan’s Labyrinth racked up only to be denied when the actual Best Foreign Film award didn’t go his way. Chief among the legions who felt the pain is Ron Perlman, who said in a recent interview with the LA Daily News that “I felt he was robbed. Guillermo’s movie was flawless from beginning to end and didn’t look like anything you’d ever seen before. He set a new bar.” Preach.

Still, that’s not exactly news. What is, however, is that Perlman revealed in the same interview that Hellboy 2: The Golden Army is finally getting underway. Del Toro is just leaving for Budapest, and Perlman is getting in shape for the film’s start date, which is now set for the end of May. He described the film as “having an epic quality” and said that it “continues to explore all the things that are great about this character – a superhero who is such an underachiever and such an adolescent.”

Fantastic word, indeed. As for Del Toro getting his proper awards recognition, Perlman isn’t fretting. After all, he ends the interview by stating the obvious, undeniable truth: “He’s got a whole lot more masterpieces coming down the pike.”