You remember McG, right? This is the guy that started off directing dayglo videos for some of the worst bands of the 90s including Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, and The Offspring. He made a huge feature splash with the first – and still somewhat enjoyable – Charlie’s Angels movie, and then went on to do another and apparently landed the prestige job of bringing Superman back onscreen. That fell apart supposedly due to his fear of flying (as the film was to be shot in Australia), and with nothing else but the putrid Angels sequel and a failed TV series (Fastlane –  a show so powerful, it could only be contained by widescreen) to his name, he seemed to fall off the radar completely.

He made a modest reappearance with last Christmas’ rah-rah football movie We Are Marshall, and now with his phobia supposedly under control, he’s picking up steam again. According to, Warner Bros. is looking to the guy to get their adaptation of the DC comic, The Losers, going.  Previously, Peter Berg had been attached, but he’s got a full slate of upcoming films that he’s both acting in and directing, so maybe scheduling conflicts happened.

The comic actually had two iterations, first as an early 70s book about WWII soldiers banded together to seek redemption for individual failures, then as a recent Vertigo title about international special forces types banded together after being betrayed by their superiors. The film will focus on the latter version.

Interestingly enough, the same report claims McG is in talks with Fox about helming a remake of Fantastic Voyage, but we’ll see what happens with that. Personally, I don’t mind the guy that much as I think his freakishly bright cinematography and flashy style may have made for a lively and entertaining, if shallow Superman movie, which I think people kind of wish they had gotten after Bryan Singer’s mopey effort. He’s a good director for certain types of films, and The Losers may be right up his alley. Still, I think the most interesting thing about him is that when you type his name into IMDB, it assumes that you were trying to type Ewan McGregor’s name, but had a stroke and died or you were attacked by ninjas midway through or something.