month ago or so, Walt Becker was this guy who had directed Van Wilder and now was helming some flick about middle-aged guys trying to be bikers. This past weekend, he became the man with the golden director’s chair as Wild Hogs (fiscally) exceeded every possible expectation given the combined (and seemingly waning) star power of Tim Allen, John Travolta, and Martin Lawrence. Basically, it made many, many millions of dollars.

Accordingly, Walt’s phone calls are being returned at Flash-like speeds now, and he’s sold a comedy project to Dimension entitled Runt. It’s a concept comedy involving twins who are nothing like each other. Becker co-wrote the screenplay loosely based on his own experiences with his little brother, and he assures the skeptical out there that “it’s got a lot of heartwarming stuff, in talking about accepting your family for who they are and getting past sibling differences.”

Personally, I’m breathing a sigh of relief. Like many of you, I feared he’d turn his back on the wholesome, hilarious, heartwarming fare that brought him to the dance and start doing movies about something unique and interesting. But Walt heard the cries of fear and anxiety, and he calmed us with a stroke of a pen and a smile. Thank you, Walt. Thank you from all of us.