At next year’s Oscars, I wonder if they’ll have a syrupy little homage to the terminal patient known as Premiere magazine, a piece of the American film landscape about to uncork its very last issue ever.

I guess it makes sense. For the first time in ever, they started contacting us and considering us a legitimate source of film information and opinion. Of course they had to close shop.

I’ve been reading Premiere since the late 80’s when it was a lot more like a trade publication and less like the somewhat glossy but still quite solid mainstream magazine it is today as it puffs a few more gasps of air before fucking right off to its home on the Internet, where apparently it appears there might be a future for film information and discussion. I haven’t missed an issue since, except possibly when they ran their ‘Women in Hollywood’ issues because frankly, it keeps them out of the kitchen where they belong.

I felt bad when Movieline went from being good and ballsy to almost great (I was this close to becoming a columnist) to being worse than the filth in Ron Jeremy’s unreachable places, but this is a real loss. America has nothing that comes close to EMPIRE and Total Film. Now it seems that the once lucrative soil of printed film material has become somewhat hostile, sending advertisers off to more digital pastures.

As someone who is one of the early assmouths of the movie/web world I must say that I think it sucks. I always felt that print and the internet film community had different roles, and both were a vital part of mine and other folks’ film diet. It’s like having the Red Sox just decide to stop playing baseball. You don’t stop Premiere. Shit, you don’t even stop an EW despite its attempts to end my future as a somewhat intelligent human being.

So, I offer a tip of the glass to a very reliable and valuable magazine. Good luck in the digital world, but we’d all be better off if someone bought that rag and kept it running.

I don’t mind the Official Playstation Magazine and FHM dying, but this sucks.