Look at that adorable gentleman! And look at these wicked-awesome guys…

These are all make-up effects and SFX creations by Rick Baker and co. for Men In Black III, which Sonnenfeld promises is much more MIB than MIIB in a recent interview with FSR.

“Well, what did not work about Men in Black II was…what we thought worked about Men in Black we were wrong about. We thought the main ingredient was comedy, and I think on the sequel we got overly concerned about comedy and not concerned enough about story, character, and emotion. I think we learned our lesson. I think Men in Black II is fine, but Men in Black III is substantially better and some people who’ve seen it feel it’s better than the first movie. It has to work on a character level, and just not on a comedy level.”

Regardless, they’ve definitely got some nifty creatures running around, which will hopefully recapture some of the mystery that drove the first film. As lame as the time-travel component could be, I’m hoping it provides some opportunity for the film to get back some of that peeling-back-the-layers fun that made the first film one of my favorite comedies growing up. I’m not holding my breath, but I’ve got a finger or two crossed.

Take a look at the gallery below and dig through some of the great work the make-up and production design crews have done. I’ve also tossed in some of the less boring shots of Smith, Brolin, and Jones that came from the massive (and redundant) gallery at Collider.