We’ve already run the rumors that Haywire star Gina Carano is in negotiations to join the cast of the next Fast movie from Justin Lin, but turns out that’s not the end of the potential girl-powered casting. Singer-turned-actress Rihanna is the latest lady rumored to be joining the cast, having apparently impressed the studio with her screen presence in Battleship. It’s not illogical to compare the charisma of leading an action film to what’s necessary to center an aggressive pop music mini-empire, though it’s not often that women get cast as anything more than the mini-boss villain role.

If true, Rihanna would be taking on a role that has “plenty of bite and doesn’t take any prisoners,” but we don’t have much information on the plot or new characters of Fast Six. Hints from the previous film suggest that we’ll see another familiar “girl power” figure stepping back into the franchise as well, which frankly is a more interesting approach for the franchise than just finding yet another typical action star to beef up the roster.

Lin’s film will be rolling cameras this month, so it shouldn’t be long before we hear what kind of story will bring all these ass-kicking ladies back into the world of fast cars and, now, heist-film schemes.

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Source | /Film