And we all figured we’d have to wait until this weekend to see it.  Those rascally Brothers Warner!  I thought the previous trailer, while compelling in the sense that I’m dying to see this in general, was a little lackluster in selling the actual film.  It felt like it was coasting on the love for the previous two, if you will.  I don’t get that feeling here and I love what I’m seeing.  To paraphrase Lucius Fox, “Now that’s more like it, Mr. Nolan!”

EDIT: This is of course payoff of the viral efforts earlier today, with the TDKR07202012 site coughing up a result much faster than many expected! The trailer can be downloaded in every res and format at that site now, FYI. –Renn

Enough with the babbling though.  Feast your eyes…

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Source | ComingSoon