For a while, at least, Joel Silver isn’t going to be able to show his face in public without answering questions about Wonder Woman. With Joss Whedon off the project due to creative differences and a new spec script in hand by unknown writers Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland, the DC fanbase wants to know what’s up.

Turns out that, true to form, this is the classic Hollywood machinery at work. The only thing more time-honored than that ‘creative differences’ line is a studio buying a script to keep it off the streets. As many suspected, that’s exactly what Silver’s done. Quotes Sci-Fi Wire: There were some good ideas in it, but it was out there, and we wanted
to just kind of not have it floating around. We wanted just to acquire
it and keep it.

Silver added that he had no desire to make a period film, and commented further that he’s not even looking for a new writer or director at the moment. That puts Wonder Woman even further back in development hell, and without Whedon or another real talent on board it’s difficult to see that changing any time soon.