Apparently somebody finally tapped on Hollywood’s shoulder and whispered in its ear, “hey assholes, dinosaurs are cool,” which is solid advice if there ever was any. Now between with the long-rumored possibilities of another Jurassic Park film as well as the 3D conversion of the original, Pixar’s mysterious dinsoaur film, and Grant Morrison’s Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens, we’ve got a certifiable wave of scaly action flicks coming. Fortunately, dinosaurs are much more awesome than aliens (the last common wave of films Hollywood is in the midst of crapping out), and all of these films seem diverse enough to not bore audiences.

Now it turns out WB wants in on the game, and has become so excited by a developing web series about “about a rapidly evolving species of dinosaurs who attack modern Los Angeles,” that they’ve picked up as a feature film project. The first entry in our Cockblocked list from last year covered a similar film that was shut-down because of Jurassic Park, but would have been a Burton film based on Dinosaurs Attack! cards from the same company that made the Mars Attacks! cards on which Burton’s film was based.

The film will most certainly be in 3D, as the co-writer and director John Clisham is a James Cameron employee who worked on the Titanic conversion. Perhaps 48fps will be in the equation as well, which if the reports (even from those who hated the presentation) are true that the format makes CG beings look more naturally integrated into a scene, perhaps it might be a good/better fit. That’s just topical spitballing though.

Of course I can’t fail to mention a little project I’m tied to that hits this summer, as the Jurassic Live: Dino Action Show will be a perfect summer primer for the coming deluge of ancient creature features we’ve got coming. I’d like to see lots of chewers at the shows, so if you didn’t already get tickets, keep an eye on the twitter or FB page to get details on how you’ll be able to soon. It’s your best way of keeping on the cutting edge of dinosaur-related entertainment.

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Source | Deadline