It’s possible, if unlikely, that we’re dealing with some spoilers for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek 2, so if you’re ultra purist about the new iteration of the franchise, I’d suggest passing on the entirety of the article. That said, there’s nothing here that won’t be spoiled by a toy or a promo image or a set picture long before the film even cuts a trailer, so I wouldn’t sweat it.

In any event, AICN is reporting new Trek stuff from a source that they say “feels” right. That’s not condescension, that’s their own clarification, along with a big “trust us guys, this could be legit” dance without spoiling their source. So grain of salt and all. Either way, the news their source brings is not monumental, but would definitely confirm some suspicions you may have.

They basically boil down to the idea that Cumberbatch’s villian is, either in name or in spirit, the Kahn of this film, and that Leonard Nimoy will be returning for a significant role. There’s also word that Khan will battle Kirk in flying space suits, and that Nimoy’s costume suggests he’ll have taken on a “stately” role in this new timeline.

That’s it, and while the Cumberbatch as Khan would definitely be a bit of  a reveal, I doubt there’s many that haven’t suspected it from day one, in the even that they care at all. As in all things, Batman has somehow become the pattern by which all others must follow, and there’s now this sense that branded franchise’s major villain must enter in the second film, be he Moriarty or Sinestro or Kahn or whoever. The thing is… the Joker’s the Joker. Nobody in the mainstream gives a shit about Khan (or Sinestro or Moriarty for that matter), and the success of the new franchise was not built on the supportive shoulders of Trekkies. So while Abrams may certainly exploit one of the franchise’s most interesting villains and also pay tribute to fans simultaneously, I don’t suspect a public mandate would be driving the decision.

So the Kahn thing will just have to develop, but the Nimoy rumors have been bolstered by Leonard’s own brief admission that “we’re talking,” at a NASA event yesterday and a set visit prior to that. He then tweeted today, “I enjoy conversations with JJ Abrams and Zachary Quinto. Keeping up on their work. They are my friends. LLAP” which could be just as easily read as a, “calm down guys, dems my bros and I’m just checking in on shit.” All of that said, he’s going to cameo at the very least, because duh.

My brain already hurts. Live long and rumor less.

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 EDIT: As DirtyRatBastard so kindly noted, I very consistently fucked up Khan as “Kahn.” That’s what happens when you proof thinking 2+2=5. Apologies.