For me, it’s always kind of odd to refer to Mary Lynn Rajskub as 24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub. I know that’s her signature now, but I’ve never bothered watching the show. To me, she’s the comedy chick from Mr. Show and The Larry Sanders Show, and she always will be.  Great for her that she’s found mainstream success, but it’s even greater that she continues to do quirky stuff here and there like one-woman shows, small films, and whatnot.

In fact, she just joined the cast of Sunshine Cleaning, an interesting-sounding indie film. It’s the story of two sisters (Amy Adams, Emily Blunt) who join together to form a crime scene cleanup service in order get their respective lives straightened. Blunt’s character, however, happens to have a thing for the ladies, and she develops a serious crush on a blood bank technician, who is the character that Rajskub is stepping in to play.

Looks like a great addition to a stellar cast that includes the aforementioned plus Steve Zahn, Clifton Collins Jr., and very recent Oscar-bagging gentleman Alan Arkin.