Without the anarchic momentum of a still-mysterious Joker character and the backdrop of an all out-election in full swing, there’s no recapturing the magic of the ’08 viral campaign for The Dark Knight. That being said, as anemic as the viral efforts have been for its follow up thus far, it looks like WB (more specifically their hired firm) is ready to step up to the plate on this one, if the scale of the latest viral effort is any indication…

We’re approaching the release of a new Bat trailer on The Avengers, and to scare up excitement for its debut, www.thedarkknightrises.com has updated its site with a Gotham PD notice demanding that all individuals who find signs of “bat graffiti” report evidence to them (by way of email or convenient hashtag!). In the document is literally hundreds of addresses across the globe, where tiny chalk bats await intrepid fans. For example, here’s one found not too far from me in Atlanta:

By sending and email or a tweet to right place, you help unlock one individual frame of the new trailer. The finished collection of which can be viewed here, at their TDKR07202012 site. There are so many addresses that if you act fast, I bet you could go find one near you and maybe even be the first!

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Source | Coming Soon (via ThinkMcFlyThink)