I’ve got a lot of respect for the working actor — it takes massive dedication to show up for bit parts, commercials and godawful corporate/industrial projects day in and day out. Hundreds and hundreds of unheralded folks make their living fleshing out the stuff we watch on TV and in the theater.

And sometimes, all it takes for one of those guys to break into the big time is an extended, all-nude scene of man on man action. Just look at Ken Davitian…well, you’ve already looked at all of him, since his balls-out homage to Greek wrestling in Borat was one of the most memorable scenes of 2006.

Now the newly-minted star will appear, presumedly clothed, in Get Smart as the evil sidekick to the (also evil) leader of KAOS, played by Terence Stamp. As previously reported, Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway will be their morally upright, better-looking opposites.

And the next time you’re in Sherman Oaks or visiting the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood and Highland, be sure to stop in The Dip, Davitian’s French Dip sandwich shop.