Chloe Grace-Moritz is as bright and shinning of an upcoming star as there’s ever been, as she’s moved from project-to-project with each either being bigger, more interesting, or more prominent for her than the last. A bloody superhero flick, a meta rom-com, a prestige fairytale, and plenty of kids flicks before that have given her a more well-rounded filmography than most actors twice her age, meanwhile she’s got Dark Shadows coming with hit machines Burton and Depp, as well as the eponymous role in the Carrie remake.

Hick doesn’t look likely to be more than a blip on her filmography in the future, but it’s still a leading role for her and surely an interesting performance from the actress. The film appears to be another tonally-confused, oddly well-cast, indie pulp dramas trying a bit too hard to be “edgy,” meanwhile relying on all the obvious character beats. It’s a VOD flick with a paltry theater release, available at home on May 8th and on a few screen on May 11th. Defintely worth checking out, if only for some stellar cast members like Blake Lively, Eddie Redmayne, Alec Baldwin, Juliette Lewis, Rory Culkin, and Ray McKinnon.

BTW guys, she’s still 15 so please try and keep it the opposite of creepy in the comments!

Source | Screenrant