Being a huge fan of Sacha Baren Cohen’s faux-docs and his comedy in general, I was dismayed to find myself kind of hating the teaser for The Dictator, with its trite jokes and relative sense of tameness. While subsequent trailers and ads haven’t done a complete flip, I’ll say the looks I’ve seen have at least gotten gradually funnier. The same is the case for the opening two minutes of the movie, which is now available to view on YouTube. It’s the kind of breathless up-to-speed montage you’d expect, but there are some decent gags and it includes the longer version of the Olympics scene, which was certainly the funniest thing in the teaser.

My fingers are crossed that the more universal (or at least genuinely sharp-edged) humor drives this film instead of shit like hairy Kardashian jokes. I’ve heard vaguely good things from the film’s screening Vegas at CinemaCon, so at this point I’m confident the film’s not a totally tone-deaf disaster. It’s not looking likely that the film will live up the high benchmarks of Borat and Bruno however.

Maybe it’s all just me… how does The Dictator look to you?

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