We’ve been covering the bits and pieces trickling out of CinemaCon and, from the Sony Presentation, Coming Soon was kind enough to pass along the info that another Bond flick is set for 2014.

Having lost a few years from its normal cycle while MGM kind of bled out on top of the property (weakly smacking the hands of anyone who reached for it) Skyfall will represent a return to routine for the spy. Let there be no doubt that it will be a Daniel Craig Bond picture either, as you may recall he signed a deal last year that sealed him in for a total of 8 Bond pictures.

Obviously it’s way too premature to expect any real detail on what form that Bond movie will take, as we haven’t even seen anything from Skyfall yet! Even the sizzle reel they played at CinemaCon was apparently so quickly cut that little could be discerned of it that you wouldn’t already expect (running, falling, crashing, etc.). We’ve still got till November 9th to wait to see the full movie, though it’s more than likely that May 25th’s MIB3 will carry the first trailer. Still, it’s comforting to know that if this one is great, we won’t have to wait quite so long to see another.

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