MARVEL's special IMAX poster that you CAN get by showing up to a 12:01am showing on May 4th...

These days I just sort of characterize Mondo in my mind the same way I think of a web-comic: they are a routine producer of very cool .jpegs. Having yet another conversation here about how frustrating it is that the arbitrarily limited runs are so limited (they should be limited ya’ll, that’s the point), or how people bitching about scalpers are missing the point (market forces!), or this or that is unnecessary. Let’s just all ogle the pretty images of pretty posters that none of us are likely to get our hands on and enjoy them, shall we?

The newest posters are for The Avengers, and each team member gets a solo poster from an individual artist (and were debuted by different individual sites). Some are great — Captain America, Thor, and Hulk are done special justice — and if you do care to try your hand at grabbing one, keep an eye on @MondoNews. Also, check back soon because I believe another piece is coming (the team? Nick Fury?).



SOLD OUT already, via Mondo

via BAD

SOLD OUT already via Mondo

via io9


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