A in AICN sometimes means Access – these guys get all the good access. More power to them, he says as he chokes down his own jealousy. This time the gang at AICN, or more specifically jet-setter Quint, is down in Louisiana on the set of Frank Darabont’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist. Quint’s been down there for three days so far, and he seems to have pretty unfettered access to the set and everything around him. He’s been reporting tons of info, and today he has some pictures to share.

There are shots of the inside of the supermarket where the bulk of The Mist takes place (guess which author owns all the book rack space?) and some images of the mist itself… but most of interest to movie dweebs like you and me is the first ever shot of the tentacles that grab unfortunate victims of this deadly form of moisture.

Head over to Aint It Cool News to see the rest of the images, and to read all of Quint’s reports.